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Success! The jiangsuer.com?&usg=afqjcngy37nb4o1bs73ujup6iq9ejal0lw&sa=u&ei=oc5svlexj8euyatgyygibg&ved=0ccgqfjae SEO analysis is complete. See the details below.

jiangsuer.com?&usg=afqjcngy37nb4o1bs73ujup6iq9ejal0lw&sa=u&ei=oc5svlexj8euyatgyygibg&ved=0ccgqfjae SEO Summary

Title: Huaianer - 淮安客

Link: http://www.jiangsuer.com?&usg=afqjcngy37nb4o1bs73ujup6iq9ejal0lw&sa=u&ei=oc5svlexj8euyatgyygibg&ved=0ccgqfjae

Last Analysis: 2017-01-11 16:17:17 (Update)

Total Score: 52.8

Architecture: 80.0

Content: 78.0

Links: 18.8

Social Media: 60.0

Trust: 20.0

Top Short Tail Keywords:
huaianer, english corner, english, corner, huaianer english, read

Top Long Tail Keywords:
huaianer english corner, north gate bridge, construction site north gate bridge, corner english corner, english corner english, construction site north


jiangsuer.com?&usg=afqjcngy37nb4o1bs73ujup6iq9ejal0lw&sa=u&ei=oc5svlexj8euyatgyygibg&ved=0ccgqfjae SEO Analysis

SEO Architecture analysis Architecture

Canonical TagHigh Score

Yes! This website has a canonical tag.

Page SpeedHigh Score

This web page took around 0.27 seconds to load.
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URL RewriteHigh Score

Yes! This web page correctly alters the urls to show valuable keywords, which is great for users and search engines.

URL UnderscoresHigh Score

Success! No underscores found in the internal links.

WWW ResolveLow Score

Sadly, this website does not resolve this problem, which can create duplicate content. An example would be two links www.example.com/index.html and example.com/index.html containing the same content, but not specifying a redirect to only one of them.

SEO Content analysis Content

DescriptionMedium Score

Your local guide for information about Huai'an, Jiangsu, China. We are here to help you!

This web page description is 88 characters in length. Descriptions should be between 100 and 160 characters for search engines.

DoctypeHigh Score

Yes! This web page has specified a Doctype of HTML.

EncodingHigh Score

Yes! The encoding type of this web page is utf-8.

HeadingsHigh Score

Headings are numbered because they tell the order the importance. If an h1 tag is followed by an h3 tag, a search engine might ignore the order of importance because no h2 tag exists between them.

Type Text
h1 Mazaya Theme altHuaianer - titleHuaianer -
h2 Unforgettable British visit
h2 Guoshi Tower reconstruction project launched
h2 Huai'an impressions
h2 Letters
h2 Living
h2 Remains of the Qingjiangpu Wall revealed under the construction site of North Gate Bridge
h2 Travel
h2 English Corner
h2 Bus alert and detours
h2 A Big Change
h2 48th Huaianer English Corner
h2 47th Huaianer English Corner
h2 46th Huaianer English Corner
h2 3 Watch a show of the operas in the National Non-material Culture Heritage List
h2 2 Enjoy Huaiyang Cuisine
h2 1 Visit the memorial places of ZHOU Enlai
h3 Weather
h3 Huaianer English Corner
h3 Photo album
h3 Spell-Check
h3 Ads
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Image Alt AttributesLow Score

One or more image tag is missing an alt attribute.

KeywordsMedium Score

Optimizing for at least 5 keywords (or variations of a keyword) is a great standard for a web page. The top 5 keywords for this page could be optimized.

Keyword C T D H R
huaianer7 1 0 5 77
english corner9 0 0 5 52
english10 0 0 5 52
corner9 0 0 5 52
huaianer english5 0 0 4 48.6
huaianer english corner5 0 0 4 48.6
read4 0 0 0 35
20146 0 0 0 35
living3 0 0 1 13.4
site3 0 0 1 13.4
letters3 0 0 1 13.4
construction site2 0 0 1 13.4
travel3 0 0 1 13.4
mazaya theme2 0 0 1 13.4
north gate2 0 0 1 13.4
north gate bridge2 0 0 1 13.4
gate bridge2 0 0 1 13.4
zhou enlai2 0 0 1 13.4
enlai huaianers2 0 0 0 10
august3 0 0 0 10
august 20143 0 0 0 10
construction site north gate bridge2 0 0 0 10
corner english corner2 0 0 0 10
english corner english2 0 0 0 10
construction site north2 0 0 0 10
corner english2 0 0 0 10
zhou enlai huaianers2 0 0 0 10
construction site north gate2 0 0 0 10
site north gate2 0 0 0 10
english corner english corner2 0 0 0 10
site north gate bridge2 0 0 0 10
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LanguageHigh Score

Yes! The language of this web page is en-gb.

Meta KeywordsHigh Score

Huaian "Huai'an English"

Meta Keywords are no longer used in search engines and can hurt a web page if they are spammy. They also help the competition see what the keywords have been optimized on this page.

Text LengthHigh Score

We counted 999 words on this page.

The number of words on a web page should usually be between 500 and 2500.

TitleHigh Score

Huaianer - 淮安客

This title of this document is 14 characters in length. The length of a web page's title should usually be between 10 and 70 characters.

SEO Links analysis Links

Link Text QualityHigh Score

We found 0 generic links on this page.

Page LinksLow Score

Links: 59

External Links: 18

External Follow Links: 17

For each external link that is on a page, a website loses some of its "link juice". Therefore, too many external follow links is harmful.

Link Rel Type
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Website BacklinksLow Score

This website has approximately 0 backlinks according to our sources. This number constantly varies because no search engine has searched all of the web pages on the internet.

SEO Social Media analysis Social Media

Sharing OptionsMedium Score

This page has a few links to social media. Nevetheless, including a few more links to these websites would not hurt.

SEO Trust analysis Trust

Daily VisitorsLow Score

This site has 0 daily visitors.

DMOZ ListedLow Score

We could not find this web page in the Open Directory Project (DMOZ). List it at DMOZ!

ProfanityHigh Score

This website does not contain profanity.

Registered SpammerHigh Score

Success! This website does not spam the internet.